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Emo Clothing

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Akumu Ink Deadly Rose Women's Long Sleeve Top
Grey Long Sleeve women's scoop neck top by Akumu Ink.
Our Price £23.99You save £2.00
Akumu Ink Deadly Rose

Banned Skulls and Roses Leggings
Banned leggings with a skulls and roses print.
(up to £19.99)
Our Price £16.99 - £19.99
Banned skulls and roses leggings

Dead Threads Lace Up Bondage Pants
Unisex tight fitting bondage pants from Dead Threads. Wear them tight or loose
Our Price £45.99
Dead Threads Lace Up Bondage Pants

Banned Glow in the Dark Skelly Leggings
Viscose / spandex leggings with glow in the dark skelly bones
Our Price £17.99
Skelly Leggings

Jawbreaker Day of The Dead Leggings
Size S only!
Our Price £7.99You save £10.00
Day of The Dead Leggings

Criminal Damage Jet Black Skinny Jeans
Plain black skinny stretch denim jeans by Criminal Damage W36" only left!
Our Price £24.99You save £7.00
Criminal Damage Skinny Jeans

Akumu Ink Stitch Me Up Women's T-shirt
Voodoo Doll T-shirt from Akumu Ink
Our Price £19.99You save £4.00
Akumu Ink Stich Me Up T-Shirt

Banned Neon Skeleton Leggings
Viscose / spandex leggings with a crossed bones print.
Our Price £16.99You save £1.00
Banned Neon Skeleton Leggings

About Emo

Emos are similar to punks in that they are not apologetic about dressing differently. One aspect of Emo culture Sohos loves is the friendships between them and the way they appreciate one other. Whilst some peer groups condemn someone for daring to change or look different, Emo friends appreciate each other's efforts to look wicked. Emo can be casual but bright; with contrasting colours and prints like a Nu-Punk Contrast, or can be darker, smarter and more sophisticated but with an elaborate edge.

The people involved in it didn't wake up one morning and think 'I want to be an Emo'. Emo isn't any particular fashion trend; it can be everything and nothing - its an attitude. Sohos has tried to capture the Emo feeling in this section. Sohos respects Emos for having the confidence to be unique and take pride in looking remarkable whilst others are content to fade into the background as they are afraid to take the risks to stand out in the way that Emos do. Taking risks isn't without its risks though, obviously, Emos are marked as targets of abuse for being different. Some people have to stereo-type things to understand them, others want to bring it down to its base level and others want to destroy what is different. That's human nature. Please visit Our signature thumby tops are great emo wear, with the discreet thumbhole detail allowing you to wear the sleeves low on the hands. Team with a skinny jacket with coloured piping, or browse for Emo Hoodies. Check out our range of wide and narrow jeans and choose a bright colour for stand-out emo style or a darker shade for a more introspective feel.