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Gothic Coats


Featured Products
Banned Gothic Cross Bolero
Black gothic bolero, with embroidered cross and patch from Banned Alternative Wear
Our Price £23.99You save £3.00
Banned Gothic Cross Bolero

* Necessary Evil Elana Faux Fur Trimmed Coat
Long, lined denim coat with faux fur trim
Our Price £79.99
Necessary Evil Elena Coat

Necessary Evil Thor Men's Black Hoody
Men's black pullover hoody with huge hood.
Our Price £39.99
Necessary Evil Thor Men's Hoody

Necessary Evil Necessary Evil Taio Faux Fur Coat
Long, fleecey coat with faux fur trim
(up to £79.99)
Our Price £54.99
Necessary Evil Taio Coat

* Alchemy 'The Vault' Omega Skull
Life size Alchemist's skull carved with ancient symbols
Our Price £31.99
Alchemy Omega Skull

Banned Gothic Flocked Bolero
Black flocked gothic bolero from Banned Alternative Wear
Our Price £23.99You save £3.00
Banned Flocked Gothic Bolero

Banned Gothic Flocked Bodysuit
Black flocked gothic bodysuit from Banned Alternative Wear
Our Price £26.99
Flocked Bodysuit


Gothic Clothing

We have put together a selection of our latest gothic clothing designs to give you some ideas for creating your own goth style. You can choose a look that's dark and severe, or intricate and ornate from the gothic clothes we've picked out - just mix and match items to personalise your look.From Gothic Prom Dresses to Gothic outfits for any occasion.

Our fishnet tops are perfect for building a layered look - wear over a vest top or one of our gorgeous corsets. Lace has such a gothic, Victorian feel to it and our pinstripe/lace dresses add a modern twist, teamed with a lace parasol and Soho's red/black high/tops with footless tights. Striking silver jewellery is essential to complete your goth look, and Soho's has a fantastic range of solid silver rings, pendants, necklaces and brooches. Skulls, skeletons, pentagrams and spiders - and don't forget to look at our selection of spike wristbands and studded leather gloves. Browse our gothic jewellery section.