Alcatraz Cropped Tee for Women


Alcatraz is probably the most famous detention facility in the world, and we have combined this design with Guantanamo Bay orange for extra spice.


We are cropping our Fruit of the Loom tees creating a fresh, end of lockdown Spring-Summer range, with a cropped price of £10.

All our designs were inspired by our visits to Camden Town, London, during the 80s and 90s.


  • 100% cotton, for a softer feel and a longer life. 145gm (white 140gm)
  • Cropped to approximately 25cm (10 inches) from below the arm to the hem
  • Repeated washes up to 40° and this premium quality t-shirt will still look great
  • Original graphic design by independent fashion house, using ethically made Fruit of the Loom garments
  • Sizes S (36inch chest) and M (38inch chest)


Sex pistols - Available in yellow

Alketraz- Available in orange and black

Smiley face - Available in black and white

Nevermind - Available in black and white

CND - Available in black, yellow and white

Jack Danials - Available in black and white

Keep the faith - Available in black and white.

Alcatraz Cropped Tee for Women - black

  • Soho's Size Chart:


    M/W Garment Size Chest Size Description
    Womens Cropped Tee S 36 Chest to fit in inches
    Womens Cropped Tee M 38 Chest to fit in inches