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Soho's Alternative Clothing

Since 2006 has brought incredible alternative styles not just to the UK but worldwide.

Soho’s offers alternative clothing from a whole range of styles to cater for anyone looking for for an alternative to high street fashion. We have a huge range of emo clothing, cool hoodies, t-shirts and skinny jeans. We also stock gothic clothing, lolita & harajuku inspired clothes, rockabilly clothing, including 50s dresses and vintage inspired designs. Our range of punk clothing includes classic punk and edgy modern designs. As well as these and many more highly recognisable alternative styles of clothing, we stock designs that fit no box. Many designs inspired by the past continue along a retro clothing theme, others have a hard, in your face style of their own.

We stock many alternative brands including Hell Bunny, Iron Fist Clothing & Shoes, TUK Shoes, New Breed Girl, Akumu Ink, Criminal Damage, Dead Threads, the list goes on and on and we are always on the lookout for something new and edgy enough for your wardrobe.

At we do our best to select the finest styles from the best alternative clothing manufacturers out there. Our mission (we are always on a mission) is to lay on a choice of funky, stylish and alternative styles at the best prices around and get them to your door with a fast and friendly service. We hope that you are inspired by these choices. Fitting the mold is too easy, we prefer to smash it to pieces with two fingers held proudly on show.